Ararat Farm Newsletter December 2018


Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas to yall!! We hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday and have had a beautiful December so far. Your Ararat Farm has had a very cold and wintery December.

Here is a Summary of December:

· Ararat Farm had 6” of snow!

· We have 2 new calves in the herd

· The pigs are getting good and fat and enjoying the rain and mud

· Winter Pork coming soon!


The Lord blessed Ararat with a beautiful snow

The Lord blessed Ararat with a beautiful snow at the beginning of this month.  The snow started Sunday and by Monday night we had 6” of snow up at the top of the ridge.  It was so beautiful to see.  The animals did fine with the snow.  Matt ended up having to doing 33 hours’ worth of outages.  So while the farmer was working Lauren and Ginger had to work with the cows.  They decided to get out of their fencing a couple times.  Because of the amount of rain we had before the snow the fence didn’t stay hot so the cows ended up pushing through the fence.  Thankfully none of them went far and everyone was contained fairly easily.  The pigs were good the entire time with the snow.  They stayed in their fencing and enjoyed the snow and run off from the melting snow.


The Cows

The cows have been doing very well. They were able to cross the creek before it got too high and are now going up the ridge. We did just this last week gain a little bull.



For a Christmas present we gained another little red calf! They are adorable. The rest of the herd are enjoying the fresh pasture and are looking well.


The Pigs

The pigs have been behaving. They continue to stay in their fence and enjoy playing in the mud from all the rain and snow that has melted. They are getting close to their one bad day, fattening up for that day.


Winter Pork Soon!

Well, December wasn’t extremely busy for Ararat Farm. Just a few big things took place to keep the farm busy and allowed Christmas to sneak up on us. We have Winter Pork coming up very soon so please be aware and ready when we open up orders. We will be using the website to do orders so please bear with us as it is a new endeavor for us. We will email you when orders will be open along with an end date.


We hope yall have a Happy New Year!

Your Ararat Farm

Matt Watson