Ararat Farm Newsletter January/February 2019


Dear Friends!

So sorry for missing the monthly update for January. The month got pretty busy with different projects and getting ready for vacation at the end of the month. So, now lets try to catch up.

Summary of January/February:

  • The cows are doing well on the front of the ridge and another calf addition!

  • The piggies stayed busy rooting the field through January and have just gone for their one bad day

  • Construction on the new shed to cover the tractor at the top of the ridge for the wet winter


The Cows

The cows have continued to do well on the front of the ridge, especially through this very wet start of the year. They will stay in the same paddock on the ridge through the winter which will protect them from standing in really mucky ground. The constant rain has made it quite interesting with hauling hay to them because it has been so slick. They are eating only hay through the winter as the grass is dormant during this season


The Calves

Right before we left for our vacation we had another calf born. It has a beautiful dark red coat compared to the first two. Every time it finishes nursing it has milk foam on its lips but down the whole front of its face which is adorable!


Also with the cows…

A little fix on the cows water line was required before we left for our trip. The little bull calf wanted to lend a hand…


The Pigs

The piggies have done very well through this winter. They rooted up the field and foraged so much that we are going to have to give the field a rest for a little while.



We did get the pigs loaded for their one bad day. They decided to take their time to come up to the corral but all 7 pigs loaded all at once without anyone getting stuck or flipped!


The New Shed

With the cows being on the ridge for the winter we are feeding them hay from the top of the ridge. So the tractor has been at the top of the ridge instead of in the barn. We decided to build a shed to keep it dry as well as have more storage for tools and equipment.



I believe that is everything over the last month and half. We hope you have a wonderful rest of February and enjoyed the update.

Your Ararat Farm!

Matt Watson