Ararat Farm Newsletter November 2018


Hello Friends

This post/newsletter is going to be a brief one. We spent the majority of November getting this website set up and ready to launch so we didn’t get a lot of time to be able to write a full newsletter. Yet, we couldn’t let a month go by without giving you some new pictures to see your farm through this cold November.


The Cows

Early to the middle of this month the cows started getting their winter coats in. The calves and 1-2 year olds became really bushy and fuzzy. All the cows have continued to do very well through this fall, staying fat and content. Even through the drastic cold we have had.


The Pigs

The pigs have continued to do well through this cold fall weather. We did have their pond freeze over and the pipe freeze a few times. Thankfully it was during the wetter cold days so they weren’t requiring quite as much water. They are definitely getting very big and fattening up well! As you can see in the picture they are enjoying some delicious squash peelings.


Short but sweet…

This was definitely a short newsletter but we hope that you enjoyed the quick update on your farm. November has been a very beautiful month with the leaves changing and a few days of a lovely snowfall. The biggest blessing with the weather has been the spring picking back up so we have water! The Lord has very been gracious this fall!!


Hope you all…

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the celebration of our Savior’s birth!!

Your Ararat Farm

Matt Watson