Ararat Farm Newsletter October 2018


Dear Friends

Brrr!! What a chilly beginning to this autumn here at your Ararat Farm!! The temperature has already gotten down to the lower 30s on some evenings. With the cool breeze, drizzly rain and beautiful fall colors finally starting to turn, it makes one just want to curl up under a blanket and sip some hot tea or coffee.

Here is a Summary of October:

· Ararat Farm Day!!

· The beef orders went well and the rest of the cattle continue to graze on a delicious salad bar of fields.

· The little piggies have graduated to the big pig field and love it!!

· Two little additions to our fluffy, friendly feline bunch!


Ararat Farm Day

To start out the month of October, we hosted a farm day for our church family up at Matt and Lauren’s house! We had such a great turn out! We had shooting to begin the day then games, bonfire, food (an abundance of food) and of course you can’t have a fall event without a hay ride. We had a great time of fellowship and it was a fun way for our friends to see the farm and the animals that are raised here. It was especially fun to show how happy all the animals are. It’s always a treat to be able to have you all see the farm as a whole, not just when you get your packaged meat on delivery day. It’s so neat to see the animals doing what God designed them to do. The Ararat Farm day was a huge success and we look forward to the next one and hopefully we will be able to open it up to all of you!!


The Cattle

Also during the beginning of October, fall beef deliveries were due!! All the deliveries went well and we are so happy at how excited everyone was about their beef!! The remainder of the cattle, roughly 28 head now, are doing splendidly!! They blazed through one of the bigger fields (the Granddaddy Bottom) and have now moved on to the next salad bar in the Beech Bottom part of the farm. The most beautiful thing to see is how wonderfully the grass has grown back right after the cattle went through. With the mob rotational grazing and the rain combined, the grass grew back within days and it was thick and lush!! It’s such a privilege to be able to see how God uses His creatures to till and cultivate the land!!


The Pigs

The piggies have spent the latter half of September and most of October on the front side of the ridge since we got them. The hope was that they would perhaps roll around in the pond there and seal it so that it would start catching run off rain and hold water again. Unfortunately these pigs were just too young to really know how to do this and with the weather getting cold they needed more space to forage and move. So we set the trailer up in their pen and got them use to eating in it so they would load up easily and we could move them to the big pen. After a few days of feeding they joyfully ran into the trailer and were calmly moved to their big field where they are enjoying acorns, roots and all sorts of new things to eat and play with!!


Our latest fluffy additions

The last little thing we wanted to share was our two little kitties. We have our king cat, Mistoffelees, who had been a great hunter. But we thought he could use a side kick or two to help him out. So we now have Garfield and Boogie!! They are a little small yet but hopefully they will learn from the master!!

Well, that is the update for this month on your farm!!  We hope that you enjoy the remainder of this chilly October and look forward to a lovely November coming up very soon!!  Have a wonderful rest of the day!!

Your Ararat Farm!!

Matt Watson