Ararat Farm Newsletter September 2018


Dear Friend!!

Fall is here!!!  What a relief to have a few days of cool weather mixed with the warm as the temperatures begin the shift to fall.  September is just about over and October is right around the corner.  How this year seems to have flown by!

Here is a Summary of September:

·         Matt went on a TX detail at the start of the month

·         Pork deliveries (as some of you benefited from) went pretty smooth

·         The pigs we had left did well and we got some new additions!!

·         The cattle have continued to graze rapidly through the fields in prep for Fall Beef

To begin the month of September, Matt got called out on a fire detail to Texas.  So the rest of us (Mike, Ginger and Lauren) continued to keep everything running smoothly.  Thankfully Matt was sent home early due to rain in TX and came home in perfect timing to get the farm buttoned down for hurricane Florence which was supposed to hit hard over this area.  It did not hit here as hard but Matt was prepared to be called either for tree cutting response or HazMat response should the need arise further east.



As some of you know the pork deliveries were at the beginning of the month.It was a bit of a challenge with Labor Day and traveling but all the pork got delivered and everyone seemed very pleased.For the rest of the month we have had Dan and Debb and they continued to fatten up.This week though they got big enough and had their one bad day.They loaded pretty well and easily due to being comfortable around us.


Also some cute additions

We have 7 piglets!!! We got them in the middle of the month, and they are adjusting very well. The biggest concern was because they are small whether they would stay in the electric fence. They were fence trained so that helped. Now we are just working on feeding and socializing them so they get comfortable and easier to handle. They are soooo cute and so funny!!!


The Cows

The cattle have continued to do well through this month fattening up for the beef orders!! They made their way through the lush Florida bottom up to the barn lot and corn crib area. Then they made their way back down to the granddaddy bottom where they were in back in June. The grass was not as tall but was very thick and ready for the cows.


The cows one bad day…

At the beginning of this week we had to take several steers for their one bad day. So we moved the herd up to the corral and sorted out those that were going. It went well and the cows were pretty calm.



There haven’t been any big events so that brings you up to date on your farm!! All of the beef and pork orders are done and Ararat Farm thanks all of you who purchased through us this summer and fall!! So, until next month, hope you have a wonderful last week of September and start of October!!

Your Ararat Farm!!

Matt Watson