Ararat Farm September 2019


Hi Everyone,

Ararat has reached the season of yellow Autumn flowers and a taste of cool weather this September. It’s not been consistent but Fall is definitely on it’s way; as is Virginia’s fall fire season. It has been extremely dry as we come closer to fire season so we are prepping for a busy fall. Sadly though, the lack of rain is starting to hurt the grass. Hopefully we will get some rain soon. Even just a little will be a blessing for the grass.

Summary of September:

  • Beef Season

  • Some little pigs stay home…

  • Hay Barn begins!



The cows are doing well. We are so thankful to have been able to use another farm to gain a longer grazing period. Due to the lack of grass growth from no rain, it would have made it very difficult to make sure the cattle were gaining. By the Lord’s blessing and kindness all the cows are doing well!


Fall Beef…

We had our Fall beef orders done by the end of August then took the cows to the butcher the beginning of September. Praise the Lord all the cattle loaded well. As you can see these cows are displaying hitch hiker weeds that are all through the fields.



The little pigs are doing well. Slowly but surely they are growing for Fall pork. We took the last 2 big pigs to the butcher for brats. We did brats for a limited time offer and once everyone tasted them they went fast. So we will have them for a short time again. The little pigs will hopefully grow faster now that they don’t have to compete with big pigs.


Ground Breaking!

We just started the ground breaking on the new hay barn! It’s so exciting to see projects that have been discussed for so long starting to come to fruition. We got the holes dug for the posts and are now getting the posts set.


Using the Land

The posts that we are using for the barn are recently milled trees off the farm. It is a wonderful privilege to be able to use the resources that God has given us.



I believe that brings us to the end of the September update. We hope that you enjoyed reading about the new things happening on Ararat. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Your Ararat Farm

Matt Watson