Ararat Farm Newsletter August 2019


Hi Everyone!

The normal summer days continue with fall prep starting to ramp up. We at Ararat have hit a dryer period at the beginning of the month and now have had a good 4 to 5 inches of rain. This has been wonderful for the grass after bush hogging behind the cows. At the end of the month we have enjoyed a taste of fall weather with windows open and the air conditioning off.

Summary of August:

  • Fall Beef Orders and moving cows

  • Pig Update

  • Big projects and event planning


The Cows

The cows are all doing well. This month we moved the cows to another farm that we are gaining temporary management of. The goal with this extra land is to gave a longer grazing period to possibly need less hay through the winter. Hay gets expensive and of course grass would be the better option. So far the cows are being good and staying in the fences on the new property. We also opened beef orders this month for Fall Beef.


The Pigs

The pigs are doing well. They continue to fatten for Fall Pork coming up. We are hoping for a good acorn crop this year which makes the pork taste really good and gives them lots to forage on. Last years acorns didn’t do well but it’s looking a lot more promising.


Farm Projects

There are some big projects that are getting started right now. One of the main ones is the start to a new hay barn. The old hay barn use to be a tobacco barn that we used as a hay barn. It was destroyed in a storm last spring. Now we are designing and planning an actual hay barn. To utilize the land and resources that the Lord has blessed us with we are cutting down select trees for lumber for the barn. So out comes the chain saw, chains and tractor!


Farm Life

Well that is the update for this month. The Lord has blessed us with such a wonderful life of stewardship on His land. We hope that you enjoyed this update for August. Just so you know we are in the process of planning Farm Day in October! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

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Matt Watson