Ararat Farm Newsletter June 2019


Hello Everyone,

It is crazy to have June already over and the 4th of July here! Time just gets away so fast. We had an exciting new addition to the Watson clan at the end of May. Matt and Lauren had a beautiful baby. Because of this, June became a month of learning a new normal. So, this newsletter will be a very quick update.

Summary of June:

  • Anastasia Rose Watson!

  • Cows and Pigs doing well.

  • Bush hogging


Anastasia Rose

Anastasia was born the end of May and has been such a wonderful blessing from the Lord to our family. It is so special to continue the Watson generation on Ararat farm starting with this happy little girl!


Cows and Pigs

The cows are doing well on their salad bar fields. They are enjoying all of the variety of greens. All of the cows have completely lost their winter coats and have beautiful red coats in the sun.

The pigs are doing well and getting fat. With just 4 in the vast paddock we don’t see them often so we will try to have a picture for the next update. We know they are getting fat because their feeder gets empty fast…


Summer Chores

The one chore that starts and continues in and through the summer is bush hogging. This has been one of the main reasons the fields are recovering so quickly in between grazing. After the cows go through, Matt takes the bush hog and mows the briers down so the grass has a chance to regrow and not get choked out. When the rain comes in it only increases the grass growth.


In conclusion…

Well, that is the quick update from Ararat for June. We hope you enjoyed the news and we will have another update for you soon. Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.

Your Ararat Farm!

Matt Watson