Ararat Farm Newsletter July 2019


The Cows of Ararat Farm want to say Hello to you this fine and hot July!

Everyone has continued the routine during this year’s very hot July. Not only has it been hot but it’s been very humid and makes it difficult to stay focused on farm projects. The animals have enjoyed the shade and water as much as they can.

Summary of the month of July:

  • Cows Update

  • Pigs Update (new piglets!)

  • An Event hosted on the farm

  • Our newest farmer at work


The Cows

The cows have been doing okay through this month. Lately they have been a little limited and not gained as well. We are trying some additional grazing techniques that will hopefully help us improve management on the field and help the cows gain more efficiently. So, we are learning how big to make the paddocks which takes a little bit of time.


The Pigs

The pigs are doing well. There temperament has been wonderful so they are training very quickly to calls and are extremely friendly. We did take 2 big pigs to butcher for ourselves and for later marketing purposes. Another reason was because the two big black ones were getting very big and would be too big for fall. We also needed to make way for some new additions.



From the same place we got these last 4 we just got 10 of these cuties. These piglets are bout 10 weeks old and absolutely adorable. Right now they are in the corral being trained to the electric fence. Soon they will be let loose into the big paddock to forage the field and woods!


Hosting an Event

We recently hosted a Project Appleseed which is historical marksmanship class on the farm. We have hosted them before and really love opening up the farm and range for people to learn and enjoy.



A burger dinner is the best way to end an extremely hot and tiring day of marksmanship. On the farm we love to have the delicious food that the Lord provides.

“Come, eat of my bread and drink of the wine I have mixed. Proverbs 9:5


Our little farm hand

Our newest farm hand observing Daddy’s methods of fencing…

We hope you enjoyed the latest update on the farm. Thank you for visiting and we hope you have a wonderful rest of your day!

Your Ararat Farm!

Matt Watson