Ararat Farm Newsletter May 2019


Hello friends!

What a very hot May we have had! We were very much expecting to still have a lovely spring but it seems that summer is here early. The farm has leafed out beautifully and the animals are greatly enjoying it.

Summary of May:

  • Loading cows for beef orders

  • The cows enjoying early watermelon

  • We have piggies


Loading Time

This month we had our Spring beef orders so we moved the cows down to the corral for loading. Everything went smoothly and we got all the cows going for beef loaded and everyone else settled back in the field.


Happy Cows

The fields have grown so tall and the cows are enjoying the rich salad bar. We are doing the daily rotations and starting to do them twice daily as the days allow it. The cows have lost their winter coat and have smooth slick coats and fat bellies.

Enjoying Watermelon

Enjoying Watermelon



We have pigs now!! These are bigger pigs for now. We will be getting little piggies in July to grow out for Fall pork. They are very friendly and already beginning to root around.


Final words

We hope that you all enjoyed the update on your farm. Matt and Lauren are expecting their first child the end of this month so hopefully we will be able to keep up with the emails and newsletter. Perhaps our kitty Boogie can help this next month. Thank you!

Your Ararat Farm!

Matt Watson